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Catasrophically · Philosophic

Oversleeping and Nachos.

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It's been a busy time here in my life. All sorts of craziness. I finally had my sleep study. I did a regular night study, and an MSLT study to assess my daytime sleepiness. I don't know anything yet as my doctor hasn't called me. All I know is that I didn't snore, so I'm pretty sure that rules out sleep apnea. I also hit REM stage in 3 of my 4 twenty minute naps. Not sure what that means, but at least they'll know how tired I have been. *shrug*
It's going to be a very busy semester ahead. I am taking Intro to Photography (film and darkroom style, yo), Video Production, Intro to Mac OS X, Engineering Graphics, Web Design and Dreamweaver, and Multimedia Design with Flash. Also I auditioned for the Concert Choir, and made it... so I'm now an Alto 2 in that, which is a free performance credit. We practice about 6 hours a week. So that pretty much all consumes my Monday thru Friday morning. Then I usually work two to three nights on the weekends, leaving me (maybe) one free day a week. This semester is going to fly by!
I was going to write a huge long post but I've started to realize how much I have due for classes tomorrow, which I have straight from 1:30 pm to 9 pm. So I will update this more later, with hopefully less boring stuff.

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