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Catasrophically · Philosophic

Neckbone or backbone, neckbone or back... you've got no fiction if you've got no fact.

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Here I sit at nearly two in the morning, mulling around ideas in my head, trying not to notice the pain. It's been a very long week indeed. I still have so much to do for class today, but it hurts to do much more than sit in a very stationary position, I'm only still sitting up because I took a pain pill I've never taken before and want to make sure it doesn't affect me badly before chancing dozing off. Especially since I've already had one dizzy spell. So I figured blogging would be a good way to kill some time.

A few nights ago, I threw my neck out (again) in my sleep. So I'm sitting here in my neck brace trying to figure out how I'm going to get everything done, and hoping my professors will understand if I don't. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to get checked out, hoping that it's nothing serious, like infection that travelled from my abscess tooth I still need to take care of.

Other than life being a pain in the neck, quite literally, things have been going alright. The school thing has been really stressful lately, but I'm pulling through. I just can't wait until this semester is over. It has definitely taught me some lessons on the whole learning process that I think I'd forgotten about, having been away from school for so long. I'm super excited for next semester, seeing as even though I'm going from 12 to 17 credits, I feel that I'm ready to start leading a more organized life. If that means cutting out my social life, then I guess I'm prepared to take that step. There's still telephone and email during quick study breaks. Friends that are friends will understand when a person is busy.

I have a sleep study scheduled for mid-January, and I'm super excited to maybe solve the mystery of why I am always so freaking tired. On top of that, I am looking forward to starting the new year right. I'm talking a complete lifestyle change. I'm cutting out pop and most junk food, save the occasional treat, revamping my diet... and you'll catch me at the gym at least three times a week.

Top it all off, I'm getting ready to fly to Phoenix over the new year to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and niece! I'm SUPER excited about that one! Then once I'm back in Minnesota, it's time to hunt for a new job to fit my new class schedule. Hopefully one in Moorhead as well.

Well, that's about it for tonight I think.

Oh, and Missa... if you read this... you'll have your PawPrint article within the next couple days... sorry for the lateness.
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