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My Thursday 13

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So, every Thursday I am going to post a list of 13 songs I like... so, here goes! (And some of these are definitely explicit, so listen at your own discretion)

1. Synthetic Elements - "Savor the Taste of Disgrace" (If you like Flogging Molly, or the Bouncing Souls...)
2. Feist - "My Moon My Man" (Wonderful catchy tune)
3. Thievery Corporation - "The Passing Stars" (Mellow awesomeness)
4. Princess Lover Officiel - "Mon Soleil" (No idea what it means, but it's pretty, and chill.)
5. Love Story Hero - "Tower of Bliss" (Beautiful song)
6. Lights - "February Air" (Melodic and relaxing)
7. Stereophonics - "Dakota" (Really liking this one... nice rhythms and stuff)
8. Porcelain and the Tramps - "Red Light District" (Interesting... Electronica)
9. Angelspit - "A La Mode A La Mort" (electronica - good beat, quite explicit)
10. Blutengel - "Soul of Ice" (German Electronica/Gothic/Industrial)
11. kidneythieves - "Before I'm Dead"
12. Assemblage 23 - "Madman's Dream" (Electronica - depressing lyrics, but true)
13. Ayria - "My Device" (Industrial/electronia... this girl rocks!)
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